Asus motherboard RMA & Warranty question

Hi guys, my mobo failed after 2 years so I applied for RMA, now I have received the replacement and it seems almost brand new It even smells new, it has no marks in the USB ports seems it has never been used and there isnt a single speck of dust, however its still came without accessories.

Anyways my question is. What is the warranty on the replacement board? another 3 years? how does this work
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  1. Hi there.
    Lucky you haha :)

    Ok with Asus parts the following rule is applied. Your warranty from your first board will be put on the second board. This means you still got 1 year left of warranty on your new replacement board.

    If your board dies before the warranty ( for example your board dies 1 month before warranty ) your warranty will be upgraded with yet another 3 months.

    Good lock and have fun :)
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