G850 vs i3 2120, Which one?

Hey guys, Iv got a bit of a dilemma, I have just purchased a socket 1155 motherboard but I can't decide which cpu to go with, I have narrowed it down to the Pentium G850 or the i3 2120, I know that the i3 is much better for photoshop, video editing and all that jazz as it has hyper threading but I will not be doing any of that, I am just going to be gaming, I currently have a HD 5770 but in the next month or so I will be upgrading to a HD 6870 ro maybe even a GTCX 560ti.

As it is only at 2.9ghz would the g850 bottleneck my card or a future card, which one should i get?

Cheers guys
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    the i3 is much better for gaming as well. toms hardware has it 3 tiers higher than the g850.,3106-5.html
  2. Thats just the answer I needed, cheers mate
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  4. yes i would have to agree ... the i3 2120 has the added hyper threading and slightly better clock speeds.... cache is the same but overall the i3 2120 is better
    im in a similar position to you.. i recently upgraded from a lga775 platform and because of my limited budget i had to settle with a pentium G620 so i could afford the 1155 mobo and 8gb of ddr3 ram ..... i also wanted to upgrade my HD5750 to a GTX550ti and get a 128gb ssd so the G620 was all i could get,however it far exceeds the E5700 i replaced and even for gaming the performance is improved
    i was going to upgrade to your current G850,however apart from the better clock speed i wouldnt see any improvement ,so in a few months i will be getting the i3 2120 so i see a improvement in performance and a better clock speed... and of course i get 4 threads compared to 2 on the pentium sandybridge cpu,s
    that said the real improvements come when you hit the core i5,s and i7,s... and the core i5 3450 is one of the cheapest at around £140
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