XFX 6870 - Newly installed and it cause windows to stop loading!!

Board: Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3
CPU: Intel i5 2500k
RAM: G. Skills 8GB
GPU: XFX 6870 1GB
PSU: Cougar SX 850, 850W

My system has been running fine before the installation.
Windows would get stuck at "Starting Windows" screen after I snapped on the GPU.
But it boots fine without it.
And I already tried the GPU on another PC and it's working fine

What could possibly cause such problem? could it be the intel graphics chipset causing such problem?
Or any other drivers issue?

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  1. Did you try uninstalling all the graphics drivers before inserting the new GPU?

    If you already did that, did you try switching the primary graphics to the PCIe slot in the BIOS settings?
  2. Yes for both.

    the board has on board graphics intel HD 3000
    There is no force disable though, only "Auto", "Always enable", "Enable if no external gpu"
    and i picked the last option
  3. Try all the different PCIe slots.

    Also, have you tried booting into safe mode? (could still be a left over driver conflict). If you can it suggests a driver issue. If so you can use easyBCD ( http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 ) and set "Run in SOS mode" to see a detailed boot log.

    You could try booting with your windows CD and doing a repair. (or if you have time to waste, do a complete reinstall of windows :-D)

    Sorry, I'm just guessing since I really have no clue. I've had USB devices and 3.5" floppy drives stop windows from booting before and removing/replacing them fixes the problem, but since you have it working on another PC I'm sure the GPU is fine.
  4. Yea, thanks for the suggestion...
    tried safe mode, it boots fine

    I decided to do a clean install anyways
    instead of wasting time to find out what's really conflicting it
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