Pluging a PCIe x1 into PCIe x16 slot ?


Is it possible to plug a graphic card PCIe x1 into a connector PCIe x16? and will it work? I am not expecting the same performance as the x16, but wil it be functional?

Thanks, Frank
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  1. Do you mean a PCIE X1 card into a PCIE X16 slot? If so yes
  2. Thanks, I did not see that you could do that on this page, sorry. It is talking about PCIE ver 1 and PCIE ver 2 compatibility, but not that you can use shorter lane on larger mother board CPU.
    And then, who has experience with this? how the software is going to handle it?

  3. Scroll up to the part where it says form factors.
  4. Ok, sorry for not being thorough enough.
    Great, I hope the software will handle it.

  5. PCIE compatibility doesn't have to do with software just hardware.
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