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Trying to aquire a network address

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May 30, 2005 5:21:57 PM

I know. it sounds like a line,,, but a "friend" called and said his PC keeps giving this

message-"Trying to aquire a network address",,,,
He has DSL (verizon/westell modem), no hm network, XP.
he can't ping out. Can ping
I know thats not much info, but all I have. so any help is appreciated.

peace be with you

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May 30, 2005 8:37:13 PM

not very detailed, but i'll give a shot.

if his windows is detecting a connection outbound, the light is on and windows starts trying to acquire a network address but he can't ping out. it sounds to me like he is unable to contact the DHCP server (this server asigns him his number). there may be a couple reasons for this. His ISP may not have one (unlikely). his modem may not be working correctly and getting a signal over the DSL line (less Likely) or he's on some sort of DSL network that requres authentication like PPTP or some other login. (most likely). if thats the case and he's not loggin in properly, has a wrong name or password, you'll get this error because the network wont even allow you to see the DHCP server. would still be pingable because that is your localhost (his computer) and that number is assigned to it no matter what, even if no other IP address is acquired. in fact, the best way to check is to drop to your system promt (cmd) and type in ipconfig /all. if you get an IP address that starts with a 169, than your computer couldnt see the DHCP server and defaulted to it's own generic number.
May 31, 2005 2:43:56 PM

DSL requires the use of PPTP (unless someone has used it without that before, but all I've seen require it).

He'll need to use the software that came with his DSL connection if he's not using a router.

If he's using a router, he'll need to set that up to work with a PPTP connection and put his username/password in the router. That will maintain his connection.

If he's not using a router, he should be able to install the software from his DSL provider, enter his username/password and it should work.

If he's using WinXP, make sure he didn't block the DSL software in the Windows Firewall.
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June 4, 2005 2:31:41 AM

Always use KISS method (keep it simple stupid). It means look for the simplest solutions first.

Is the computer set to recieve it's IP address from a dhp server? Does the modeum/router have nat (network address translation? Is it turned on?
July 18, 2005 2:25:32 PM

thanks for all ther help. I think I have decided to not help any "friends" in the future. I had asked him if he tried to go around the firewall. "Yea, of course I did! U think I'm stupid?" Need I tell you what it was? Maybe he thought I ment to turn the PC around.
Thanks again.

peace be with you
July 18, 2005 3:48:12 PM

I have friends who I don't talk to that often.. when they call, I know it's a computer problem.

I try to avoid helping friends.. my girlfriend offered my services to her work.. which happened to be a dentist's office.. fairly simple, go in, clean up 3 PCs, make them run better, hook up a simple network.. in and out, 400-500 dollars.. of course, I had to move all the PCs, clean them out inside and software wise, update them, hook up all his small network equipment, price out a laptop he wanted, hook up phone systems, etc.

Luckily.. the network cabling had already been run.

I go in.. get everything moved.. no one knows where the network connections are.. or where the PCs are.. or where they go..

So hunting around, I find the network connections are labeled as phone lines.. because the cabling company ran all the cables (20 cables, 10 for PCs, 10 for Phones) all for the network.. Half the cables weren't tested and didn't work.. they all ran to a patch panel.. (the phone didn't work because they were done incorrectly)

In order to keep my price low and be honest, I told him what I needed. he didn't want to pay for it.. basically the cables..since they all ran into a patch panel.. so 10 connections for 5-6 PCs, 3 of which I had to work on, the others I didn't.

Anyhow.. nothing was done right.. he kept moving the PCs around on me so when I went in the next day he wanted a PC in another spot where it was impossible to work on.. etc.. huge headache.. he wanted me to call the phone company to fix the phone lines.. he wanted me to fix the cabling, buy everything myself, etc... all for 400 dollars in the end.

I didn't do the job, but I'm still requesting $150 for at least cleaning up 3 PCs.. $50 a PC and for all the crap I had to deal with.

I hate doing side jobs for friends.. I'd rather I not know the person so they don't try and take advantage of it.