[SOLVED]Is my motherboard dead?

Hello everyone,

last night i was on my PC with no problems, I went to shutdown to install windows updates, I left my PC came back went to power on and nothing.....I tried booting via power switch nothing, i opened my case to use power switch on the mobo and nothing I swapped PSU and nothing came on, is my mobo dead?

when swapping PSU what do I need to connect just the mobo and the cpu? or do I have to connect everything?

thank yo ueveryone let me know if you need more info
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  1. There is 6 or 8 pin connection on the board for additional power for the CPU you need to make sure that is plugged in.

    Are you getting any power to the case (i.e. any fans spinning or beeps)?
  2. forgot about the 8-pin connector but that is plugged in as well,

    I am getting Zero power what so ever, PSU fan doesn't spin, CPU fan doesn't spin and case fans don't spin. my mobo has a debug LEd which doesn't come on.

    im starting to think it might be the PSU but i will swap them out when I get home later

    thank you
  3. sounds like the power supply
  4. check to see that your outlet is working and that the breaker/usp/power strip is working. a lot of home tech been bitten by the blown fuse...bad outlet/power strip. if it not a power issue to the power supply. pull out all the cards and unplug the drives and take out all the ram. then try to power up the mb..if there no power good led showing with two power supplys...looking at bad mb or cpu. or something like a screw is shorting out the mb. i would as your pulling parts out sniff for pop parts/burn marks. if your lucky it was a part on the video card or a vrm on the mb. somthing you can see and rma it.
  5. Thank you, I will check that

    what got me was it was working fine last night did the updates and then it wouldn't bot back up its weird how it can just stop working like that.

    Thank you
  6. Try swapping mobo
  7. the problem it wasn't booting up is because my case has 2 usb 3.0 in front and one is broken I unplugged the header and it booted up
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