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Additional 570 needed for 2560x1440 in BF3/Skyrim?

I just completed my build for skyrim, consisting of an i5-2500k overclocked to 4.2GHz, and an evga gtx 570 doubleshot which I haven't tried overclocking yet. So far it seems way more than adequate on the monitor i'm using, but it's an old 1680x1050 one. I recently ordered the hp zr2740w and I expect that to get here before skyrim does. I would like some input on if I should get an additional gtx 570 in SLI to run skyrim and BF3 really well on this high resolution monitor. I realize one of the 2 games i'm asking about is not out yet so I'm just hoping for everyone's opinion.

The way that pc hardware requirements are stagnating, I don't want to overdo it unless I need to for this kind of setup.

EDIT : I forgot to mention that I do not have BF3 yet, I will probably pick that up this weekend.

Thanks tom's community!
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  1. Skyrim will probably run fine on a single 570, but BF3 is pretty demanding so if you want to max that out you'll need to either OC the 570 quite a bit or buy another one. I doubt OCing will get you to max settings.
  2. Thanks wolfram. Skyrim is mostly the reason i'm building this pc. Battlefield 3 is far secondary. I think I will take your advice and hold off on the additional 570 for now. Maybe I'll pick one up in the future on a big sale. Thanks!
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    Before BF3 came out everyone was saying what they would be running for settings and resolutions based on the beta that was released prior to the actual game was released. However upon release more was added to the game that was not accounted for or expected and everyone is finding that they are not running the game like they thought they were going to. The same thing could happen to Skyrim , not saying it will but the possability is there so it is a good thing to be prepared for the unexpected and the worse that could happen is to be playing the game at higher settings than planned. A GTX 570 is a pretty good card and will play any game well but it all comes down to what settings you want to play the game at.
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  5. I have a single gtx 570 and am looking to buy the HP zr2740w as well, how do you like it? My only concern is the 12 ms response time and the anti-glare coating that everyone seems to bag on right now. I play battlefield 3 a little bit, and not really any other shooters, so I don't know how much the response time will actually come into play. If it is a problem on skyrim for you, then I'll have a problem with the monitor too haha. I also have very controlled lighting in the room my gaming rig is set up in, so potentially a glossy screen would be fine if someone other than apple produced one. I'm also used to maxed settings in 1080p, so I kind of feel like medium or high setting on a 2560X1440 might actually be a step backwards.. How is your single 570 holding up? And are you still considering an sli set up for the future? My other option is the Dell u2711 because it actually has a long list of professional reviews and they are all solid, just a few hundred dollars more. or might wait to see what CES brings since its only a month away. anyway, I hope you end up seeing this or anyone else who has some input, thanks!
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