Celeron B800 vs AMD E-300

Hey, I'm buying a new, budget laptop. I'm mainly gonna be doing simple web surfing and light gaming (mmorpgs such as forsaken world). I found 2 laptops at the same price, one sporting an e300 apu and the other one with a celeron b800. From what I understand, the celeron is a lot faster in CPU performance, while the apu has a better integrated graphics chip. Which one will perform better in casual games? how different are the IGPs? Is the graphics gain in the apu worth the CPU performance loss in the celeron? What is the ovkerall performance of each of the chips?
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  1. well AMD is better GPU wise = better gaming performance but both them CPU really suck badly and if you want to game more then just Forsaken world in furture i suggest upping your budget a extra $100 or 150 or so you be shooting your self in foot soons you get into another game even if you do light gaming i still connot reccomand either of them both of these CPU are for emails word proccesing and surfing web even for low graphical games i cant reccomand you buying either
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