Switching from 1333Mhz Memory to 1600 Problem?

Hello everyone,

I'd like to make clear that I am quite a rookie in everything hardware-related, so I may have made an obvious blunder at any point :(.

So, my problem started when I tried switching from my old 2x1GB 1333Mhz RAM memory to 2x2GB RAM 1600Mhz RAM memory. I turned off my computer, pulled out the power cable, insulated myself, took of the 2 old RAM sticks, insterted the 2 new ones, put the power cable back on, and tried starting my computer.

It wouldn't boot. It would power up for like 10 seconds or so, never managing to display anything on the monitor, then turn off. Then, without me doing anything, it would power up again, and so on in an infinite loop until I'd hit the power switch to deprive it of power.

At this point I was already disheartened, took off my new RAM sticks, and placed back in my old ones, in the same process as I removed them in the beginning. The computer would still not boot. It was doing the exact same thing as before.

After panicking for a bit, I took it to the manufacturer who luckily fixed it for free, and said the problem happened because by inputting the new RAM, I had deregulated my BIOS to run for 1600Mhz RAM instead of 1333Mhz.

This sounded quite strange to me, as if it had really been deregulated to run for 1600, shouldn't it at least work with the new RAM? :( I don't know, they didn't really give me a chance to ask.

So the problem right now is: My computer is currently working perfectly with its old setup, but I have purchased two new sticks of RAM which I can't use. I am too scared to try putting them back in again, at least without doing something differently this time, as it could again leave me without a computer at all. Can someone tell me what did I do wrong? Or what I didn't do at all that I should have done?

My motherboard is a Giga-Byte GA-H55M-S2H
My old RAM sticks are an A-data model 2x1 GB that run on 1333Mhz
My new RAM sticks are Corsair XMS-3 2x2 GB that run on 1600Mhz
Both sets of RAM are DDR-3

If any more info would help, I would be glad to provide it if I could. Thanks in advance!
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  1. try resetting cmos by removing watch size battery from your motherboard and unplug power cable from the psu...let it for for 15 mins put the battery back in and see if your pc will boot with the new ram
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