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Not an OCer - what CPU for gaming?

Hi all,

Let me start by saying I am not an overclocker. I am currently looking to build a gaming rig that can chew up intensive games and spit them out. My budget is $3000, and I'm leaning towards the 3820/3930k processors.

My main intent is to have a machine I can upgrade later if so desired (maybe to IB-E with LGA2011), but still have reliable parts for 3-5 years.

I appreciate your advice.
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    The 3930K even if you are not an overclocker!
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  3. For gaming you're throwing away money by going with CPUs like that but it's your cash. :)

    I would go for i5-2500 (or i7-2600 if you need to waste $100 for 5% performance in a select few games) and go crazy on the HD/SSD/monitor/GPUs.

    Just know without overclocking you'll be limiting yourself with the huge GPU setups (tri GTX 680 [maybe even dual], etc). Even with the 3930K.
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