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Are these mods good enough for Skyrim?

Are my stats good enough for Skyrim graphics?

Intel i5 3.0Ghz
1080p display with 2ms response

Will Skyrim be glitchy with these stats? Or should I play it on Xbox?
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  1. What model is your i5 and what is your current gpu?
  2. That's an odd speed for a Core i5 CPU. To the best of my knowledge, there is not 1st or 2nd generation Core i5 with a standard clockspeed of 3.0GHz.

    You need to state what video card you have.
  3. The i5 is a 2320. I have 1Gb 6450 AMD Radeon graphics card.
  4. Skyrim will run MUCH better on your current PC provided you have adequate graphics.

    If you are using built-in Intel graphics, buy a new card.

    The best VALUE right now is an HD6870, you can find one for as little as $150 with MIR. That's better than the XBox but still not the highest settings.

    Obviously Skyrim will look and play much better with a GTX680 but they are $500.

    FYI, the HD7870/ 7700 etc are way overpriced right now.

    I recommend you spend between $150 and $250 based on your budget. The only cards that made sense to me were the:
    - HD6870, or
    - GTX560Ti

    You can try Newegg, NCIX etc. Look for sales.
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    The Core i5-2320 is fine, your problem is the Radeon HD 6450. It is not considered a gaming card. Maybe you can get acceptable frame rates if you set all graphic option to minimum, but you will likely need to lower the resolution as well. Skyrim is dependent on both CPU and video card.

    Below are benchmarks @ 1920x1080 with a Core i5-2500k @ 4.0GHz using medium quality graphics. Your performance will be lower than what is shown for the HD 6450 because your CPU is 1.0GHz slower.

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  7. Thanks guys. I'll make sure to buy a better gaming card.
  8. Here's a good chart for you:

    *Note that at 1920x1200 your card gets about 13FPS vs the 550Ti which gets about 60FPS.

    The 550Ti is a lower-end card than the HD6870, so basically Skyrim would run HORRIBLY with your current card, but the HD6870/GTX560Ti would be really great.
  9. look for a used radeon 6850 ($sub 100) on ebay and you'll be more than fine @ 1080p
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