SLI 460 GTX drops signal playing BF3

So I just got my second card ECS GeForce GTX 460 Black series. I have 2 of them now in SLI. I try to run BF3 and works great for about 5 mins then everything goes black and screen says HDMI Signal Lost. Doesn't matter if I switch the cards main physix card. Also, I can run both cards independently without a problem. I'm running a NZXT HALE90 Power supply - 850 Watt with a ECS P67H2-A2 motherboard. Thought the PSU would be enough do I need more power? If someone could recommend some tools for troubleshooting or ideas that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. The power supply should be suficient , it must be something else. Have you had this problem before or is this the first time playing a game in sli. Do you have any other games you can try to run in sli.Do you have the latest drivers loaded. You can download the free video card test software called Furmark.
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    Disable SLI and run with a single card, this issue has been happening with some nVidia GPUs since the release of BF3.
    Also, download the latest drivers from nvidia, ensure that temps are in reasonable degrees.
  3. thanks for the pointers guys.
  4. So to recap, both were right. I ran Furmark and it quickly showed me what was going on. Top card was overheating (climbing) once an intensive game was started. I've since bought some more case fans to help with cooling and now my cards are staying around 60 C. BF3 seems to work good, only problem I have now is I will occasionally see Green and Red screen flickers when playing. I haven't driven back the drivers to the manufacturers drivers, I'm running off of Nvidia's latest drivers. I think this might have something to do with it... but just enjoying my time playing.
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  6. I'm pretty sure i saw the green lines issue before, but can't remember the solution but i'm also sure it has something related with SLI.
    I completed the game on my HD 6950 OCed to 920 MHz just fine, just saw 2-3 game bugs but there was no crashing or something weird.

    Wait for a patch from EA to solve all the CF/SLI hassle. And enjoy gaming with BF3.
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