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Hello everyone. Well this is my processor and ram i have
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00 Ghz 3.00Ghz
4GB Ram
and i have graphic card asus hd 5450 512mb ddr2. I want to ask what graphic card should i buy to play better games, especially i want to ask maybe anyone plays here World of Warcraft Cataclysm? what graphic card should i buy to play it without any problems etc. Second thing is that i would like to play other games like battlefields bad comapny 2 etc. The card must be low profile cuz my comp is like that ;p maybe there are any cards that u would recomand? i could spend something about 100 euro on card. I saw HD 6570 but i dont know if its good or not. Thanks for replies.
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  1. 6770, or a 460.
  2. What is your power supply and windows ? Can't really recomend a graphics card unless you tell us the psu so we know if what we recomend will even work in your Pc. Also would you be wi;;ing to upgrade the psu as well and what is your budget.
  3. I play WoW across four PCs with different graphics cards and cpus. One of them is an 8400, which is not too much stronger than your 6850. And it can play WoW well enough. So to answer your gpu question, please tlel us:

    1) What is the make/model of your PC? This would help us figure out any physical or electrical restrictions. Also, the rating (how many watts) of your power supply would help.

    2) What screen size and resolution do you play at?

    In any case, the 6570 is significantly faster than your current card.
  4. Well computer is called Optiplex 755 and i have windows 7 ultimate 32bit
  5. Is it possible to maybe take this motherboard to bigger case or something? then i could use normal gpu's instead of those small ones?? and thanks for replies
  6. The mobo in your Optiplex 755 has one PCIe 1.0A x16 slot:

    Worthwhile, faster cards are going to be PCIe 2.0 (now being replaced by PCIe 3.0) cards. That poses two problems: (1) PCIE 2.0 cards are supposed to be backwrads compatible, but aren't always, and (2) at some point the speed of your graphics card may well be limited by the 50% slower PCIe slot you have.

    Your PSU should be 275W. Dell PSUs are pretty good, ie, they are reasonable quality and deliver their rated power. So power might not be an issue.

    You could perhaps put the mobo in a different case, but this is only practical if the mobo is mATX or ATX standard. Unfortunately, from these photos:

    the mobo appears to be proprietary, and based on the BTX standard. In other words, it won't fit in normal, commercially available cases.

    Finally, there are likely some Dell proprietary connectors (eg, if you have 4 trouble lights on the case front panel) and other issues.

    So the HD 6570 with the low profile adapter will fit in your case, it may run if its PCIE 1.0A compatible, and the power supply will likely have enough power to run it. If you can get return privileges, it might be worth a try.

    Sorry, but that's the furthest I'd advise going in your situation.
  7. GTX 460 for sure
  8. redeemer said:
    GTX 460 for sure
    Please give us a link to a 460 that will work for the OP.
  9. Twoboxer i sent u a private message if u could read :D
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