Master ...Slave.....sob!!!

I set the jumpers on the hd's and installed them, when I boot my dvd doesn't run as it normally does and when it reaches boot time it displays the "no bootable data please insert disk .....". This will happen even after I remove the ide cable and power from the slave, until I remove the dual ide cable and run the system on a single ide cable.(I was running my system on the dual cable prior to this with the single master drive) I understand how to setup the drives in bios and which connector on the ide cables is the master and which is the slave.

Anyone have any idea...I sure don't.

Thanks to all whom reply.
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  1. You said HD's. Are you running more than one hard drive? What mobo are you useing?

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  2. We need more info to help you. My guess is you set the jumpers incorrectly.
    You should have 1 HD on Primary Master, the other HD on Secondary Master and the DVD on Secondary Slave, unless your DVD drive specifies it has to be Secondary Master.
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