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Computer dying while I play SC2

When i'm not playing anything, my computer is just fine, but when Iplay Starcraft, my comp dies either right after I get into a game, or about 5 minutes into a game. No bluescreen, just black, no power. Just off. My CPU and GPU temps are well under there limits of temperature. Whats the problem?
i5 2500k
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  1. What are the rest of your system specs, especially the PSU?
  2. Antec Earthwatts 500w. But its like 7 years old. Also I have the intel stock cooler, a asus p8z68-v gen 3 and a lanboy air with 8 fans. And a 500g WD HDD. Thats all
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    Check your system event log to see if it is giving errors associated with the reboots. Instructions:
    You can also modify Windows to prevent auto reboots - this will allow you to get the BSOD/error:

    Does it only happen with SCII or does it happen in any game? Game get patched recently? Update drivers recently (especially video)? If you have, then did reboots start after that update? If not, then update video drivers.
  4. Its really any game but mostly SC, but it even happens in minecraft. updating my drivers now.
  5. check your psu...
  6. check for what?
  7. if you have a psu tester, test it if it fails then its psu...
    if you dont you just use software to view or monitor your voltage of your psu... like cupid hwmonitor
    if your voltages drop alot from the regular... should be with in +/-5%
    reference this posting
    and another way to test it is to swap another psu from a friend or another pc and see if you still get shut down during games...
  8. the reason why i am assuming its the psu is that when you play games like sc or mine craft it shuts down... so that narrows it down to gpu or psu for now... but you stated that your gpu temp is well under its limits... and that your pc is 7 yrs old, 7yr old psu is well over due, so lets check it... after ruling it out you can look into other things.
  9. i've also had this issue before with my 5yr old psu... my pc would shut down while playing intense game... but it would run fine everyday use browsing, word doc, etc... so i swapped vga and it still kept happen during games... so i took my tester and what did you know my psu was giving out on me.
  10. cenderone said:
    Its really any game but mostly SC, but it even happens in minecraft. updating my drivers now.

    How is it working after driver updates? Anything interesting in the system event log?
  11. run a stress test e.g. prime95

    if it shuts down with that its going to be a power supply error

    if it just powers off its got to be a power supply. never heard of that happening with gpu/cpu under load

    blue/black screen of death yes but not complete power off
  12. Im re installing windows right now for no reason other than the fact that I want to. After I do that ill get my drivers and report back. Also, couldnt a stress test failure mean a GPU failure? Why would it for sure be the PSU?
  13. Did you check the system event log prior to reinstall?
  14. yes, i did check it and I didnt find any errors or anything out of the ordinary
  15. updated drivers for everything, and its still happening.
  16. If this were a driver or GPU issue, then you would get some form of entry in the event log. Shutdown without an entry in the event log really points towards the PSU. If you haven't been monitoring voltage levels then download/install Speedfan or HWmonitor and let us know what your voltages for the 3.3, 5, and 12V rails (voltages should be +-5% of rated voltage). If voltages are good at idle, then run Prime95...monitor voltages and let us know if you get a shutdown.
  17. in HWMonitor, where do I see the PSU? I only see my GPU and CPU temps and volts
  18. cenderone said:
    in HWMonitor, where do I see the PSU? I only see my GPU and CPU temps and volts

    you want to look at the "VOLTAGES" it wont say psu

    just like in the picture from the link it should show
    your pc, expand---->
    then mobo, expand---->
    then Voltages expand---->
  19. you can also run occt... gpu test or psu test... prime95 won't stress your gpu, just your cpu and mem. i'm betting it will shut down on occt test... anyways you never mention what gpu card your running... nvidia cards(great cards) but power hogs...
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