Bottlenecking of SSD by SATA II motherboard

Not sure which section I should post this in because it involves a CPU, mobo and storage. But here goes -

I want to upgrade one of my computers but I'm on a tight budget. I have a chance to buy a used Phenom II x6 1090T and a Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3, also used, both at good prices with a testing warranty.

I'm not an overclocker or a heavy gamer and with the 9600GT card I already have, the motherboard satisfies my needs except for one thing - it doesn't have SATA III.

At present I don't have an SSD for use with the upgraded computer but may want to install one in the future. Will SATA II significantly bottleneck an SSD like, say the Samsung 830 or 840?

I've seen the benchmarks on such SSDs and they can certainly exceed 3 Gb/s. What I'd like to know is how noticeable the bottlenecking is in real-world everyday usage. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes, in the benchmark you will see the big difference between in the SATAII port and the SATAIII port, but in the real world usage you can't notice the differences between them, like a few seconds difference between them when you open the programs or boot up the PC. I had few SSDs in PC and laptop, as long as you start use the SSD you never go back to use the regular HDD again.
  2. An older one like the 830 not as much as the 840.

    Yes it will but it's barely noticeable, an SSD on SATAII is still pretty fast, still many times faster than an HDD.
  3. Thanks for the replies. They were about what I expected but it's nice to have confirmation.

    I simplified a few things in my OP. I do have a 128GB Samsung 830 but I'm using it with a SATA I system. That's right - not even SATA II, with an AMD 3000+ single-core socket 939 CPU and DDR1. It's a stop-gap system put together from old stuff after I sold my main workhorse.

    I've ordered parts for a new rig with a SATA III mobo as my main system. The one I'm discussing here is an Athlon x2 7750+ with SATA II and DDR2, which is also due for an upgrade. It will use the PII x6 1090T and start out with a conventional HDD.
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