Will a new GPU bottleneck my CPU


im getting a new gpu, its a radeon hd 6770 1gb,
will this bottleneck my cpu in anyway at all?, its an amd athlon II x3 425
the rest of my pc has 6gb ddr3 ram
win7 home premium
1tb hdd

Thanks for any and all help
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  1. Most likely not i posted a thread similar to this and everyone said no. And that they were actually a good pair.
  2. Well im currently playing need for speed shift 2, rage
    just new titles realy, will it be able to handle the creed revelations when it comes out?
    My resolution I use is 1370x768 on a 32'' hd tv
  3. Lol spot on then thanks,
    And well I didnt no weather to upgrade cpu to a phenom x4 955 I think I was lookin at?
    will this even make a big difference, cos if not im not gunna bother for a while yet
  4. Aswell which radeon hd 6700 1gb should I choose?
    ive currently got a sapphire radeon hd 5570 1gb
    and so far ive had no problems at all with it even overclocked,
    but these sapphire, asus, xfx, etc
    so I dnt know what to choose lol
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