Cheap HTPC/Media Server/CPU/10bit h.264 MKV

So i try put much info in the title O.O

So im looking to buy a HTPC that will play 10bit 1080 H.264 Formats i have loads of things in this format over 4tb worth of anime
so issue i have is what type of system requirments it needs in order to playback 10bit 1080 H.264 most people say a dual core will do fine but i dont want cpu be at max load or anywhere near max load

so its a dual core good enough or should i look at AMD's APU tri Core for just that little more oomf?
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  1. I run a E8400 Core2Duo, with a ATI 5550 1gb, runs all media known to man without so much as a hiccup. 10bit 1080p H.264 all fine (as i watch a lot of anime and such as well)
    CPU is barely lifting a finger running vid's like that basically any newish dual core can handle media decoding without a fuss
  2. It should work ok for home theatre.
  3. An AMD Llano A4 or A6 series APU should be fine for your needs. The integrated graphic core will be more than enough for H.264 playback.
  4. +1 to jaguar. The Llano's are a great option for an HTPC. The GPU's built into the CPU are more than enough for any HTPC duty and even some light gaming. Plus not having a dedicated GPU in the system will cut back on power usage/heat/noise and above all cost.
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