Geforce 8500 GT to Geforce GTX 260 ?

Hello I just signed up and i wanted to know one thing.
Will this graphics card work [...] 35ea3#shId
On my old ASUS P5B Motherboard ?
Because my old Geforce 8500 GT OC'd has done its work pretty well :pfff: ,but i want to play GTA IV on better graphics :D

My Specs:

Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 2.0 Ghz OC'd to 3.0Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT OC'd
2gig RAM DDR2
2 HDD (both 400 gig)
HD Pro Sound Blaster
Windows XP Professional
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  1. Your link doesn't work but the card should.

    Do you have a good enough power supply to handle a GTX260?
  2. I dont know what my power supply is .
    How do i find out ?
    I have CPUID but it doesnt have that Information .
  3. Best answer
    CPUID wouldn't have a way to get that info.

    Best way is to take the side of the case off and give us the model number of the PSU.
  4. 400W 12.0V
    Noise Killer
  5. Thats the model number? I can't search that because EVERYTHING comes up when you search noisekiller. I very much doubt that a generic 400W PSU will be able to handle a GTX260.
  6. but the GTX260 it says minimum 500watts
  7. So if a system with a GTX260 needs 500W, what makes you think your 400W unit will work? Your 100W short.
  8. I though it didn't mather how much watts it needed at start.
    So i will just upgrade my PSU to 500 watts then..
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  10. Make sure you get a good PSU, not all 500W units are created equal.

    Speaking of which, make sure you are getting a good price on that GTX260. It's hot old tech by now, there are better cards to be had. (GTX460 or 6850 come to mind.)
  11. Yes i was thinking of getting an Antec Psu 500watts for now....
    Im getting the XFX Geforce GTX260 896mb for $110.
  12. Not sure I'd do that. You should be able to find 5770 and OC'd GTS450s for $100. These cards are a bit slower then the GTX260, but they use less power and emit less heat. They also support DX11. If you can pony up $130ish, you can get a GTX460 or 6850 which is faster then GTX260 while still giving you the same benefits.
  13. The 5770 i was thinking of getting that but saw that GTX550 TI is faster than that and use 400watts.
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