Under $400 Build

I've been challenged to build a computer for under $400 thats small and "pretty."

Intentions of use:
-Light Gaming (Plants vs Zombies, etc.)
-MS Office
-Storage will consist of personal documents all other stuff (pictures) will be in the cloud (facebook).

Here's my list:
Case: XION HTPC includes 450W PSU/Matching Keyboard & Mouse - $58.98 (w/ rebate)
Mobo: ASRock A75M-HVS - $69.99
CPU: AMD A8 3850 - $139.99
RAM: Patriot 8Gb - $24.99 (w/ rebate)
SSD: OCZ Agility 3 60GB - $69.99 (w/ rebate)
DVD: Samsung DVD Burner - $15.99
Total: $379.93

I know I could get a cheaper case; but its "pretty" and includes a mouse and keyboard. The CPU and RAM seem a little overkill; but their within the budget. Also I'm questionable about the PSU; however for a build thats going to run under 200W I'm hoping the 450W questionable PSU will suffice.

Any suggestions? Is AMD the right move or should I go i3?

Thanks for any input.
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  1. Use 1.5 volt RAM for Llano

    The power draw should be a little over 100 watts at maximum , but I think you have to be suspicious of the quality of a case/psu/keyboard/mouse AT THAT PRICE

    I notice the mb does not have a DVI connector for your monitor . Does your monitor have HDMI? , or is it low enough resolution that the VGA will work ?
  2. Look at Xion in Tier 5.

    Also, are you willing to do all the rebates required for the good prices?
    I got a Corsair rebate for $10 but decided to not go through with it.
    Price of stamps, ink, paper, envelope, and then you have to cut out the UPC code on your package. Removing that code for the rebate means you CAN'T RMA to Newegg. And many rebates get turned down.
  3. The monitor she'll be using only has a VGA connection; I have an adapter if there's a mobo for a similar price with DVI. I thought it was a little weird that something with an A75 chipset didn't offer DVI; but 'm a little behind on tech at the moment.

    I don't mind the rebates; I figure if the products work when the rebate offer runs out chances are it'll work a while longer. I know its not always the case but in the long run it usually saves money.

    As for the PSU; any idea where I can get a better quality that fits for a decent price? I don't mind throwing in a little extra knowing her components won't get fried.
  4. I'm not going to lie; I actually have that exact PSU sitting on my desk right now. Its for a separate build with a dead Ultra 500W X-Connect. Problem is I don't think it'll fit in the case.
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