Good budget upgrade from Radeon 4850.

So I been out of the game for a while and I need a budget upgrade to from a Radeon HD 4850. I mainly need it for gaming (Crysis, MW:2, Diablo3, etc) at max settings. I also do some amateur music production on a DAW but I have a sound card.

I'm gaming on 1680x1050 might upgrade to a higher resolution in the future looking for something that can handle 1900x1080(or 1200). But I dont require max settings at higher resolutions just at 1680x1050.

Maybe Crossfire in the future.

Tom's hardware recommended the Radeon 6750 for exceptional performance on 1680x1050 but the benchmark scores were low especially in the DirectX11 department. I'm not sure if this is going to deliver the performance I want. Or if I will have to step it up to the HD 5770(6770)?

My setup:
Proc: AMD Phenom II X2 550 3.1 (Unlocked to a x4)
PS: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series CMPSU-650TX 650W
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  1. 560 or or 6870 as a budget upgrade.
  2. A 5770 (or 6770) is similar to the 4870 therefore it is not much of an upgrade.

    Take a look at the Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart.
  3. So yeah you will see the cards I suggested are 3 steps above your current card.
  4. 6870. 560 and 6870 is neck on neck depending on the game. 6870 is 20 bucks cheaper so not really worth it to go for 560
  5. unless you want physic or to overclock with noticable results
  6. spentshells said:
    unless you want physic or to overclock with noticable results

    physx? Is that a selling point still?
    6870 overclock just as well.
  7. No the 6870 does not overclock as well, not even close.
  8. ^+1 the 6870's dont overclock well. you cant get much out of them without having to bump up the voltage, and even then there is not much to be had.
  9. Agree with the above members.
    Either a GTX 560 or a HD 6870 should be a budget upgrade from a HD 4850 and games should play well at 1680X1050.
    The 6870 is cheaper than a GTX 560 but doesn't overclock well.
    The choice is yours though..
  10. i suggest you get the 6870 now, its a great card. or the 6850 if you are on tight budget. get one and when the new HD7000 series cards come out the prices should have dropped.

    and they crossfire great (at least for bf3 they do, at least 100 percent scaling)
  11. If the preference is AMD the HD 6870 is a solid choice for both your CPU and resolution.
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