Problem edit my messages

When i try to correct an error in my posts to any part of the forum i get after i click accept :
You are not allowed to edit this message!

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This is since the beginning
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  1. if you posted it from the UK site and are on the US site you wont be able to edit them, and vice versa, it seems you can only edit them from the site you posted them on, sometimes it will pass you to the other one so check the URL.
  2. nope on both i have the same issue so either on english or us i can not edit my posts
  3. The english shows and the us shows .com when i try
  4. i can only add a new message not edit a previous one
  5. If you live in Europe or the UK, be sure to use the UK site as many times the IP redirection will want to sent you there anyways, and things may be messing up in that regard when you try to edit.
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