40 inch tv with gtx580 ???


Looks good its cheap and dont diss dynex we have a 50 and it looks great.

Will this look ok with games on a gtx 580 it wilol be 6-7 feet or so back from me.
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  1. Looks good to me , strap it on and let us know how it is. I wouldn't mind getting one myself. I see it has 1920x1080p , I have always worried about using tv's as a monitor because of the resolution.
  2. Yeah I am worried about text size but isnt that what zoom is for lol idk.
  3. Why would you buy some off brand TV? A bargain isn't what you pay, it's what you get. Go to Costco and get a good TV at a good price with a free second year warranty. I use a 1080p TV at work all day long and love it and I dol some pretty heavy graphics on it.
  4. I would buy a off brand because I dont want to spend a load on a tv, also what size is the one you use on the pc??
  5. While I have never used them for a computer monitor we have two Dynex and they have excellent pictures for the price.
  6. You can change the DPI setting as well. It makes the icons and the text of the Icons on ones desktop slightly larger.

    I have a gtx 560 non ti, and playing on the same resolution on a 42 inch TV and games play and looks great.
  7. this tvs response time is 8ms, it seems even the 1k plus samsungs are 6.5 wont that be bad?
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