Computer will never boot on first try from cold setting

Here is my plight :

Computer is unplugged overnight or when not in use for extended time. When I power it up, and hit the power button ... nothing happens.. the MemOK/DRAM LED is on solid red. Hitting the MemOK button get me into the bios; I reset and im off into windows 7... But only 23.9 GB of 32 GB RAM is usable...

Subsequent reboots give me all 32 GB Ram. I have run memtest86 and its fine.

This is a bizarre and obscure problem. Help would be welcome.

Asus M5A97 R2
G Skill Ripjaws 1333 4x 8GB

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  1. According to your motherboard book (Page 1-17) you should press and hold the MemOK switch until the DRAM LED begins to blink. This will automatically tune your RAM to your motherboard in the event incompatible RAM is being used.

    Other than that I'm not entirely sure what your problem is. You did say you're able to boot and even run memtest86, so I'm not sure if the problem is recurring or not.
  2. run memtest for each dimm, not all of them together.
  3. memtest found errors on one DIMM, when I retarted and ran memtest again it showed now errors - is that common?
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