Is it a bad CPU or bad Motherboard?

Hello Tomshardware! I have an issue where I received my second board from Newegg (Asus Rampage IV Formula) and it is defective..or atleast I think so.

I have the Asus Rampage IV Formula and an i7-3930k. Just today the computer was showing high voltage in the VTT CPU2 section. So I turned off all OCing and turned everything to optimized defaults. Needless to say, the same problem occurred and I would lose DVI signal after around 2 minutes. And then the computer would force shut off at around another 2 minutes.

After messing with the Bios setting over and over to fix this problem, the motherboard now shows the CPU_LED Red light and I get no POST what so ever. This is the same error I got when I got my first motherboard from Newegg, which is the same board but exchanged. Is it defective? Or is it the CPU?

I want to believe it is the motherboard but something tells me that the CPU can possibly be up there. How rare is it that the CPU is fried or defective? I gutted the system and looked at the CPU pins and they were all just fine. What is going on here? Thanks!
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  1. It's possible the CPU is fried. Overclocking has the potential of damaging your CPU either electrically or thermally. If you have another CPU in another system, you may want to try to use it in your faulty motherboard.

    You may also want to check your motherboard for burned or charred capacitors, pins or other such damage. Your capacitors help regulate the flow of electricity to your motherboard. A damaged capacitor can cause electrical damage to your hardware components.
  2. Reset the CMOS and if that doesn't work take out the CMOS battery and replace it.
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