CPU is not cooled properly by the Akasa Venom

Hi I got the Akasa venom for my CPU a while ago, but it doesn't seem to cool it properly I have the fan at the bottom blowing into the heatsink and the top one blowing out, but my temp is around 50 to 60 even when there's nothing happening, my CPU is i7 920 2.66 ghz not overclocked. My case is the NZXT phantom.
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  1. Ok ok try a liquid cooler other than an air
  2. I'm not buying another cooler I just want to know why this one isn't cooling the CPU properly
  3. Probly the tim {thermal interface material).reapply the heatsink with new tim and recheck.. Should be fine after, if its still high redo it again, you can look up how on youtube being as you arnt Overclockingtemps should be like 35 c or lower at idle.
  4. Thanks, I think the thermal paste if fine but I will retry
  5. Not to question your intelligence but there is a transparent sticker on the hsf base that needs to be removed. Also check if it is attached to the tightly to the motherboard.
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