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Hello, I just got a new system set up and it won't start at all. I have a 990XA-UD3 and when I plug in the cpu power supply and try to start it nothing happens but if I leave that out then all the fans start.

I have a 1000w ower supply but is that not big enough for amd fx 4100 f-core, AMD radeon 6850, and 4 ddr3 2gb ram?
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  1. have you gone through this checklist?

    and what brand is the power supply?
  2. It is an Everest 1010
  3. if i had to guess i would say it's the PSU. do you have a spare quality you can test with your system or one that you can borrow from a friend?
  4. Not offhand, as well one time after waiting maybe 5 minutes after starting it up I heard the Beep from another room but by the time I turned my moniter on the computer suddenly shut off.

    I don't have any spare parts since it is my first rig, all my other computers are laptops which are pretty ancient at best.
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