Getting A2 error code from asrock extreme6/tb4

Hi all, i have a Asrock z77 Extreme 6/TB4 motherboard w/ 2*4gb memory, and also have a evga gtx660 in pci1 slot.. i built the computer and fired it up multiple times and was working with no issues; i also updated drivers too(motherboard/graphics card).. came back the next day, tired firing it up and all i get is a A2 Error code.. ide detect per the book.. :(

i had this issue with the first motherboard that newegg sent me and ended up (rma) sending it back and getting a new one.. i ruled it down to the pci slot being faulty... i can't imagine that it would do it again especially after i had it running for a few hours the prior night w/ no issues..

does anyone have any ideas where to go from here.. im running down to making it a return and go w. a diff. motherboard...
thx all
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  1. I'd assume it's either a faulty IDE drive (HDD or optical drive) or damaged IDE cable. Try unplugging your IDE devices and replug one by one.
    Edit: Also, reset CMOS.
  2. Maybe the storage ports are configured incorrectly in the BIOS. Have you tried playing with their settings?
  3. I've been getting the same error-code since I built my computer, but it works fine(so I just ignore it). Got two drives, one SSD another HDD. Both SATA. Both connected to the Intel controller ports, the other controllers are disabled in BIOS.

    Debugcode states:
    "A0 - A7 Problem related to IDE or SATA devices. Please re-install IDE and SATA devices. If the problem still exists, please clear CMOS and try removing all SATA devices."

    Haven't bothered to try that.

    BIOS: 2.50
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