Need to update BIOS, but have no idea what I'm doing.

Hey guys,

So, my mobo recently bit the dust and I had to switch all of my components to a pc my friend got me for free. The case is nice but it turns out the mobo is quite outdated. I had to install a new copy of Windows 8, and I'm still sorting out problems.

One of the biggest problems is the BIOS is outdated and needs to be updated to fully support a few things like my GTX 550ti.

I don't know what the mobo is but here's what I could find:

System Model: HP Compaq dc7600 Convertible Minitower
BIOS Version/Date: Hewlett-Packard 786D1 v01.03, 5/18/2005
SMBIOS Version: 2.4
BIOS Mode: Legacy

So, can anyone help me? Where can I find an update for this BIOS? Where do I start? Can it even be updated?

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  1. What I can get with the little info you gave me got me this far

    Base model Form factor or small form factor PC?
    Which windows?

    Need to know these before you can move on. It seems the two choice under your model have different bios updates.
  2. Sorry for such little information, this the first time I've ever had to update BIOS. But, from that website I actually found my computer:

    Problem is it's now running Windows 8, which isn't on the list of OS'.
  3. Bump?
  4. If it helps here's what I could find out about my motherboard:
    Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
    Model 09F0h (XU1 PROCESSOR)
    Chipset Vendor Intel
    Chipset Model i945P/PL/G/GZ
    Chipset Revision A2
    Southbridge Vendor Intel
    Southbridge Model 82801GB (ICH7/R)
    Southbridge Revision A1
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