Unwanted Japanese characters appear in Windows Media Player

Ripping CD's - Lately I've been having a problem with WMP giving some track titles in Japanese characters instead of English - what's going on? How can I stop this?? Is there some setting? Now it seems to have changed a lot of titles in the library.

(FWIW it may have begun when I ripped a Japanese music CD, which appeared in WMP in characters.)


(Windows Media Player 12 under Windows-7 Ultimate 64)
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  1. When I saw the title, I was like "Wut?! WMP plays bits of manga at random?" :-)

    ps. sorry for the offtopic, hope gets solved soon
  2. Haha..

    More info - "PowerToGo", a ripping/burning program which came with the HP computer, also shows asian characters in track info... ローレンガー appears as artist name on a London Records Magic Flute recording. (It IS Japanese, isn't it??)
  3. I think it's Korean and they appear to have flooded WMP's music data provider recently (Peter Gabriel's Shaking the Tree has 38 identical entries... seems highly spammy to me). I get a bunch of squares in WMP's rip mode when I go to rip a CD (which is WMP trying to interpet oriental characters) and it seems to be happening on almost every CD.

    You can convert to English by locating the album at Microsoft's metaservices (in WMP, right click on the album cover and select 'Find album info') then when it finds the Korean version, overwrite the album title's oriental characters with the English album title - hopefully you'll then get your album in English so click 'next' to accept the track listing then hit 'finish' - it should then update your track titles in English (it did for me anyway).

    I have not yet found how to turn off non-Roman-alphabet data.

    If it's changing info you've previously had set in English, I would guess you need to change Options/Library settings from 'overwrite all media info' to 'only add missing info'.

    Incidentally I'm using WMP 11 in Windows XP, so 'Find album info' in Windows 7 might be slightly different.
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