GTX 550 TI on ASUS P5B

Will GTX 550 TI work on ASUS P5B
I konw GTX 550 TI minimum power supply is 400 watts (Which i have) :sol:
I know that my mobo has only PCI Express 1.0 and the graphics card has 2.1 but it will be just a slight decrease of performance... :D
But i still want to know if my mobo can run it ? :sarcastic:
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    It's PCIE 2.0, No nVidia 2.1 cards.
    And yes it should run without any problem but at the max speed offered by the PCIE gen 1.
    Also, ensure to have the latest BIOS update.
    PCIE 2.0 cards are compatible with PCIE 1.0 MOBOs and Vice Versa
  2. Thank you :)
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  4. Again, just ensure to run the latest BIOS as it could fix some compatibility issues, good luck :)
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