Asus Maximus V Gene / PCIe problem

I bought an entirely new set of hardware getting bored with my laptop and wanting an actual gaming PC. This is my first ever build and I have a problem with the motherboard (I think) that I don't have the slightest clue as to how to solve or troubleshoot so I turn to you for help.

The problem is that the VGA card (HD7870) is not detected at all, not by the bios and so not by the OS (win8). The fan on the card is running so surely it is getting power, I am also running it off the x16 slot (as recommended by the user manual of the mobo) but still no luck. I went into the bios looking for any options that might have disabled PCIe (are there any such options, I might have overlooked?) and only found this: Notice how it says N/A. Any help or input is much appreciated!

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  1. start with the simple stuff. did you plug in the 8 pin atx power plug on the top edge of the mb. on the video card are all the power plugs connected. some video cards have 2 6 pin/8 pin power plugs.
    also is the video card in the video slot closest to the cpu?? red slot??
    in the main bios web page did you check to see if your running the newest bios that has all the box fixes.
    on this asus mb you cant turn off the video ports but you can change the first video device.
    advance in the bios. Graphics Configuration default is auto. switch it to peg/pci to make the gpu the main video card.
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