GTX 580?????

I just purchased my whole new setup and one thing i am still unsure about is the graphics card. Ill be running to Asus VH238 monitors, and want to know if 2 GTX 580s would be best for this. Or if only one woulkd be fine. I also want to ask if there is any other cards that would be around same price but better? Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Start with one GTX 580 and only add another if you feel you need the extra horsepower. A single GTX 580 is capable of doing just about anything you need.
  2. a single gtx580 will solve all of your problem's.later sli it
  3. At 1920x 1200, I'd take the 580 / 580's but at resolutions above 1920 x 1200, I oft recommend twin 6970's depending on what else ya doing besides gaming.
  4. How would i know when is a good time to SLI it for better performance?
  5. Also which GTX580 would be the best. I was looking at the EVGA GTX580 Classified 3072MB. Is that one pretty good?
  6. of course EVGA is best brand ever many people were using it....
  7. Well i was of course going with EVGA but i mean on their site they have like 10 different 580s. SuperClocked, Hydro Copper, Classified, Hydro Copper 2 and so forth. Is there any1 in particular that would be ideal for gaming?
  8. superclocked and classified are best options.
  9. Are these two Classifieds the same Card even tho its a different casing?
    all the specs look the same but i just want to be sure since newegg is out of theres.
  10. eVGA is usually my first choice when it comes to nVIDIA graphics cards but check out the GTX 580's that MSI offers. Their TF III coolers on the Lightning and Lightning Xtreme models are better (in my opinion) than any of the eVGA options.
  11. Would you recommend starting with one of those Lightning Xtremes? rather then SLi right off the start?
  12. only better in cooling wise not performance wise because they have pretty big fans.
  13. well dont you only need super good cooling if you overclock the GPU? i dont plan on doing that, just gonna OC my cpu
  14. If you don't plan on overclocking the GTX 580, then save some money. The Classified card is meant for extreme overclocking. It has supported for LN2 and even offers alternative voltage tweaks for the enthusiast. I would highly recommend the MSI Lightning edition, or if you plan to game above 1900x1200, the Lightning Xtreme will do you just fine.

    Go to Guru3D and read the reviews on each card. You will see that the MSI cards run cooler and are not far off performance wise (1-5 frames).
  15. only 6 or 8% better cooling but don't care about it find one with better performance they won't be get hotter with oc'ing don't worry about it.i mean superclocked or classified or any other brand.
  16. What benefit do you get from overclocking a GPU? would it be worth it for gaming?
  17. overclocking gives you more acceptable frame rates (fps) in every game with maxed setting.
  18. but if i got one or even two Lightning Xtremes that would be a very nice setup wouldnt it? no need to overclock?
  19. I still haven't found a need to overclock my single GTX 580.

    If you are looking for the best GTX 580, I would add the Gigabyte Superoverclock (SOC) to the list. Also, be sure to check out the new PNY GTX 580 with the self-contained liquid cooling unit.
  20. So which EVGA GTX580 would be best for gaming? ill prolly get 1 for now and 2 later on. Classified or super clocked or what?
  21. I would recommend the MSI cards, either the Lightning or Lightning Xtreme. I've read some people having trouble with Gigabytes card because the stock voltages can't handle the overclock.
  22. Shmister said:
    So which EVGA GTX580 would be best for gaming? ill prolly get 1 for now and 2 later on. Classified or super clocked or what?

    Get the Superclocked version with the reference cooler. Apparently, the updated cooler on the new Classified version is pretty loud.

    Gigabyte SOC:

    MSI Lightning:
  23. So EVGA GTX580 SuperClocked or MSI Lighnting Xtreme?
  24. Huge price difference there. If you plan on playing at resolutions about 1900x1200 and have the money, then purchasing a 3GB may be useful in the future, but the regular Lightning edition with 1.5GB will serve you just fine and will cost 100 dollars less.
  25. Id rather just spend the money now and be set for a while, so would u say the MSI Lightning Extreme over an EVGA?
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    Shmister said:
    Id rather just spend the money now and be set for a while, so would u say the MSI Lightning Extreme over an EVGA?

    Well in that case, Lightning Extreme it is, mainly for the extra memory and upgraded cooler.
  27. Alright thanks ill probably order that tonight after i compare some prices! Thanks
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  29. A nice review to get you excited about the Lightning Extreme:
  30. Yea i read that review when you linked me the MSI Lightning one a few replys ago. Is there any real differnce in performance between Lightning Extreme and EVGA 580 Classified? cause they are both 3gb cards. Just curious
  31. That Guru3D review actually puts the 1.5GB Lightning edition a tiny bit faster and more efficient in terms of heat and power due to the lower frame buffer. If you don't plan on gaming above 1900x1200 and are on somewhat of a budget, then the Lightning edition would be a better buy over the LE or Classified cards. The performance difference between the three are negligible.
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