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Here's the problem, today I moved my homebuilt computer to a different case in hopes of better cooling. Instead I was greeted by nothing, not even a picture or anything appears on the screen. Everything worked before and none of the parts are different, so I dont understand. I have a Msi 770 g45 as my motherboard and I noticed that one of the indicator leds is solid and the other 3 flash rapidly. This may be a sign but I dont know what it means, ive also tried different video cards and it still didnt help. Id hate to assume that it is just fried somehow, so help me people!!
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  1. find your motherboard manual

    online if you have to

    the LEDs are telling you the fault
  2. I looked at the manual and it only tells me what it means with all 4 on or only one on. So that doesnt help
  3. Make sure you have the motherboard properly secured to the case i.e. you have screws in all the mounting holes and none of them are lose.
  4. Just triple checked that, and everything seems to be perfect as far as mounting and securing the motherboard. Still nothing, i just realized that my usb devices aren't even working so that tells me it probably isn't even booting, or reaching post.
  5. Well after a lot of reading, and trying different components in the motherboard I have came to the conclusion that it is fried..... :/ Darnnnn
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