Is asus Z77 Sabertooth MOBO compatible with crucial RAM?

I just bought ASUS sabertooth MOBO, and picked up Crucial Ballistic 1866 ram to pop in it.
problem is the system won't boot to windows.
looked at the QVL for MOBO, and Crucial is not among the QVL's.
can anyone tell me if this could possibly be the problem?
using my SSD from previous build with WIndows 7 already on it and running fine on previous build.
this is my 3rd build, so im not a pro, just never ran into any problems like this before
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    you cant use your old windows os and expect it to boot on the new hardware. you are experiencing driver issues as your old os has drivers for old hardware and you have new hardware so the drivers are not working properly. you have reinstall the os if you change hardware
  2. ^ that's the best fix.
  3. ok, at the risk of sounding completely dumb ill ask this...
    if i clean install OS on another SSD along with drivers for new MOBO etc, i can then connect my current SSD and retrieve any
    games and other programs i have installed on it?
  4. No good way i know of to move installed programs. Just realized it, but unless ur windows is a full retail version you might not be able to activate it on the new system. Oem versions are tied to first mobo its installed with.
  5. oh, that Bites!! im at work now, but when i get home this evening ill go ahead and try installing the OEM version before shelling out more $ for a new one.
    alvine and JED you have both been helpfull. thanx for the tips.
  6. ok, let me run this by ya.
    if i put my old MOBO back in, put in SSD with OS and copy my programs onto another SSD that does not have the OS on it, would those programs work ok after i clean install the OS onto the drive the OS is currently on?
    again, i really appreciate all the assistance.
  7. Nope, have to have the os on first. You *might* be able to clone over your current install then boot to the cd for a repair install. Sounds messy to me.
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  9. Most games and apps will need to be reinstalled on your new build there is really no good way around it. It can be a pain and time consuming but in the end it is the best way to get your system up and running correctly. Install your OS do your updates anti-virus protection drivers and such then install your games and apps.

    You can pull your save game data from most of your games off the old SSD so at least after you get them reinstalled you will not have to start over.
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