Is this a good build (First time)

Hey guys.
So I'm going to try sell my current PC and make a good PC for playing games and video editing.
I hope to be able to max most games with the build.
I don't know too much about building computers, but could somebody take a look at the parts and tell me if I have everything that I need. Thanks
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  1. Looks good enough BUT im not an intel user, although i imagine they are better for video editing, i would try and get some faster RAM in there though for your video editing but 8Gb is enough :) The GPU will do fine, BF3 i dont think you can play in ultra but def in high (which is still pritty good) so good luck with it all :)
  2. Thanks very much. I know I'm missing an optical drive from it, and I need to get some SD card reader things for it.
    But is there anything I'm missing? What else do I need? Will thermal paste come with it? Are the fans in the case good enough etc?
  3. Also, instead of the memory above, I think this one:

    and I added this optical drive:

    Don't need an amazing optical drive, just something to read a disc. I rarely ever use the optical drive anyway.
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