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2 Way SLI + GTX560ti as PhysX card

I have been planning a few more "major" upgrades for my rig (CPU, Mobo, RAM and GPU [for SLI]) So with the nearing announcement for Intel Ivy bridge I may wait for the new chips then but now I hear that nVidia is planning to release new GPUs the 6_ _ series I believe.

So my question is first of all can I use my current GPU (gtx 560ti) as a PhysX card and have a different card as my primary (gtx570 or higher)? I may do this, if possible, when the new GPUs arrive. Second would this be better than doing a gtx 560ti SLI? Also is it worth it to wait for ivy bridge?

This will all come after the CPU, Mobo and RAM (already have my picks for the sandy bridge just waiting for prices to lower a bit more or for a sale) are upgraded.

If I go SLI I may go with a MSI gtx560ti

Thanks in advance for your inputs guys.
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  1. Using a GTX560Ti as a dedicated PhysX card would be a waste get another one for SLI and brand does not matter.
  2. A GTX 560 Ti as a physx is really an overkill. As said by rolli, just SLi your current GTX 560 Ti.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys that was what I was thinking the thought was overkill but just the same it should work as a PhysX card right?
    Oh yeah true that the brand doesnt matter but did some research on reviews and tested a few cards of my friends and I sort of came to a conclusion that MSI was best suited for what I wanted in a card.
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    Of course it will work as a physx card. But normally, a 560Ti would just be a waste of money as a physx card..
  5. Gman450 said:
    Of course it will work as a physx card. But normally, a 560Ti would just be a waste of money as a physx card..

    Thanks guys. Well currently im semi happy with the performance of my 560ti (battlefield 3 is only on high). Still saving up and when I upgrade later on and new GPUs are out with so much performance boost with a better price then I may get one and just use my current 560ti as a PhysX but my original idea is still to do a SLI on it giving the setup quite a boost to over a 580 (plus I have overclocked mine to over 1000Mhz level)
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