I dont know what graphics card i should get

HI guys
I recently got a new computer that i thought was pretty good (8 gig RAM, intel i7 2600 CPU @ 3.4GHz) but it turns out the graphics card is really bad. I cant play battlefield 3!! My graphics card is a Nvidia GEforce GT 520. I've got basically no idea what to get, if i should go AMD or stick with Nvidia, but i have got my eye on a GEforce GTX 560, is it good?
Can i get some advice please?
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  1. ok ill ckeck em out thanks
  2. Quote:
    HD6870 or GTX 560,
    HD6950 1GB or GTX 560Ti

    get the cheaper between the above pairs.
    and u're gonna need at least 25-30A on the 12V of ur PSU for any of the above card to run


    great advice
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