DIY computer case and EMI/RF shielding

When finances work out months from now I plan on an upgrade from my current Intel E7500/WinXP system to Intel i7/Win7 Pro. (Or Win7 Ultimate - they're the same price at Fry's - any reason to prefer Pro over Ult?) For various reasons, I've decided to go with a custom wooden case.

I have seen the issue of EMI/RF shielding in other threads, but I'm unsure of the materials to use for shielding. One site (forgot where) suggested painting the interior with a nickel-based paint, but it didn't suggest a source. My thought was to line the case with aluminum flashing. Does that sound reasonable? Is a different material preferable?

Someone suggested mesh in this thread:

My design calls for three 120mm exhaust fans (800rpm Scythe Slipstream) blowing upwards. I found a 120mm fan filter advertised here, claims to provide EMI/RF shielding.

Anyone familiar with this product, or something similar?

One last thing: assuming I don't go all-SSD, how do I go about grounding the HDD in a custom wood case? A wire leading from the HDD case to - where?
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    why ground the HDD?

    On the issue of shielding . Bond alumina foil to the inside of the case . Dont worry about the fan grill . The wave lengths you are shielding from are so long they would be disrupted by a much larger hole than that .
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