Core i5 2400 VS 2500k

wish one is better(but for)what?
-in what do i need to OC my cpu?
-is the there a (big) difference between?? in percent%

have a good day =)
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  1. i5-2500k is a much better choice, especially if you want your system to last longer. When new processors come out the previous generation will always be slower, however with overclocking you can match the current speed of the new processors.
  2. After overclocking there is a huge difference between the CPUs.

    i5-2400 3.1ghz / i5-2500k OC 4.6ghz = 48% clock increase.

    For overclocking you'll want some aftermarket cooling and a P67(or)Z68 board.

    What are your uses? i5-2500k is good for anything CPU intensive. i5-2400 will be better for a machine you want limited power usage/heat in but don't need super CPU clocks.
  3. do i need a specific thing in the motherboard other than the chipset??
  4. 2400=-less $$ less OC
    2500K=More $$ more OC

    Both are plenty for most anything an average user/gamer could throw at them.
  5. get the 2500k its better and its unlocked. so you can overclock it and you wont need to upgrade as soon. the 2400 is a waste of money just pay the extra 30 bucks or whatever and get something thats not a teeze
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