Should I switch GTX570 for a GTX580?


I have talked to the store where i bought my GTX570 1280MB OC and I can switch it to a GTX580 1536 OC for about 106 EUR (24% more). I have checked the BF3 tests on this site and the diffrence seems to be small? not even 20%?

Do you got any advice?

note : I have a i7 2600k in this computer.

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  1. I'd switch it for two 900MHz 560's which will get 40% more fps than the single 580....and just 1% less than twin 570's.
  2. Okay, but I will have to buy a entirely new GPU next time.

    If I go with the GTX570 that works well right now and then later get another GTX570 when its cheaper? Is that not a better solution?
  3. Here is two comparenc :

    And :

    And :

    Its about 5-7 FPS in diffrence for 106 EUR? That does not sound like a good deal? Then there is the memory GTX570 have 1280 MB and the GTX580 have 1536 MB. Does this enough to make it worth 106 EUR??
  4. I'm going to put it this way for you, the 5-7 fps differences are when it's at low fps to start with, around mid 20s. At that point, 5-7 fps is 25% smoother gameplay, furthermore it makes a much bigger difference visually. It's once you get past 60 fps that the differences don't make much of a difference because it's all smooth at that point. I think it's well worth it to get the 580 if you look at it that way. At the same time though, it depends on what settings you play on, esp. what resolution you play at.
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