Skype (and other things) close when asked to perform any task.

I have windows7 prof. I play a game called Kalonline, another called Forsaken World, and use skype and Imesh, as well. They have all been subject to occasional shutdown, but now the Skype in particular will not stay open when you ask it to perform any kind of task. It is, as such, useless. Any thoughts or help?
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  1. Check the event viewer to see what errors are being logged.
  2. Unfortunately, I need someone to dumb-down and talk stupid to me. I can turn the computer on. I can turn it off. and I can holler for help. that's not anyone's fault but my own. But it's the truth.
  3. Go to the start menu. In the empty box, type event viewer. You will see a matching result show above where you're typing. Click on that result. That will open the event viewer. Click the triangle next to Windows Logs, to show more results. Each selection there, shows different types of logs. Click on the application logs to show logs related to your programs. Look for red X's, and look at the time noted next to it. Match the error log with the time of your programs closing on you. If you find a log that corresponds to the issue, it can give you a description of the cause.
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