Building a Custom Gaming Computer

Hey there.
Just wondering which features would be best for a gaming computer for games such as Portal, Portal 2, Dragon Age, Batman, Left 4 Dead, and some other games.
I'm going to use a custom computer building website, and money is NOT an issue. Which is the best website to use as well?
Thanks, and have a great day :)
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  1. at the top of the forum is a thread about how to ask for advice
  2. What do you mean, 'custom building website'? If you mean that you pick the parts, and tey assmble it, I wouldn't reccomend it. But hey, it's up to you I guess.
  3. I would not custom build. It will be much cheaper to build it yourself. Not knowing how to build a computer is no excuse either. There are many websites that can guide you.
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