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I've cleaned heatsink, replaced cpu paste, all fans work. But on this HP nx9600 by the time my fans kick on it's to late and the pc heats up faster then they can cool them down. I was wanting to know if their's away to start my fans earlier. Speedfan control doesn't support this system. Thanks for your help. Please do not post your @mail (that way u are helping to spread the spam), u will be automatically notified in your email when someone post a fresh line in your thread. Thanx : )
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  1. Default is that the fans power on when PC starts. What temps are we talking about?
  2. Fan don't kick on to about 170f and by then the temp is climbing very quickly and system shuts down around 200f.
  3. Try entering BIOS/Setup and see if you can find any settings there like CPU target setting and so on! Laptops are a little different than desktops.
  4. HP doesn't even show them, much less allow any kind of adjustments.
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