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Hi guys,

I am looking to upgrade to a MSI GTX560 Ti twin frozr 2GB, I have found no reviews on the 2GB version, so I was hoping the forums can help me with that.

How does this card compare to the MSI gtx560 ti hawk ? Or can I just overclock the 2GB version so that it matches the hawk ?

I wanted to get the hawk, but now the supplier says that they have replaced the hawk with the newer 2GB version. (From south africa, so it does happen ;) )

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Well,the difference between the cards isn't much.The hawk is 1GB but has higher clocks;whereas,the other one is 2GB with lower clocks.Neither the memory capacity nor the clock speed difference make a huge difference in performance.
    So the card they're going to give you is a good choice.You can try playing wit the speeds to see if you can match the hawk or not(you probably can do it though,but I don't think you'll need it because like I said,it won't make a huge difference)
  2. The 2GB one would only come into the picture when you are playing at high res. Otherwise the 1GB VRAM is enough. But i would suggest you go for the HAWK and overclock it even more!
  3. I want the hawk so bad, but the supplier does not stock it anymore. So I guess my only option is the 2GB version, and then OC it,because here you can see the Hawk owning like mad.,2673.html
  4. The HAWK is an awesome piece. See if there are another shop/online store where you can find it.
  5. I think even an OCed 560ti twin frozr at the same clock speeds should be the same as the hawk.

    I have an Inno3d gtx560ti (max OC 1010, 2100) and tested a friends hawk on my system (950, 2100). I down clocked mine to 950 and benched it vs the hawk and my card came out on top of it 3 out of 3 times in the performance bench of 3dmark11 and Heaven 2.0.

    so if you really want the 2GB memory by all means go for it but you can still get other cards that can perform just as good with some OC plus i got mine for less than the price of the hawk.
  6. the extra ram isn't there to make the game run faster. It's there to help the game run smoother at higher resolutions ( 1600+ ) and with higher in game settings. I found having more than 1gig above 1600 res necessary.
  7. In the end the supplier organized me a Hawk, so I went and got one! Thanks for all the help!
  8. Good choice!!!!!
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