I am basically a noob in all these matters.

I did SOME research and found these two motherboards fitting in my budget.
My budget is around Rs. 7000 INR

I am confused between the two:


Since there is no other nice motherboards on the sites...and since I HAVE TO PURCHASE FROM THE ABOVE MENTIONED SITE ONLY, I am confused if I should go with ASUS or the MSI one!

A little advice to this newbie will result in eternal gloaarryyy!! [:leslie woods:1]
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  1. Get the msi h77, it has a better chipset, with more features, unless it's more expensive, but if it's not, then get it.
  2. I prefer the ASUS/ASROCK/Gigabyte mother boards for my builds - they tend to last longer, and perform better over MSI (higher failure rates).

    I just purchased an MSI mother board for my wife (it was part of a combo deal with AMD processor - and was approximately $150 less than a comparable Intel setup). Installation went fine, everything lined up...will be installing Windows tonight.

    I am not going to say that MSI produces junk...I just prefer the other brands over them. The MSI mother board you provided the link for does have the newer chipset, however, the ASUS mother board has a few more features added to the BIOS and configuration.

    Looks like the ASUS is about 5% more in cost.

    I would think either one would work out great for you, unless you plan to be a serious OC'er with the new chip. If running at factory should have no issues. If you are going to OC - you might want to look at a few other mother boards.
  3. The msi is a fine board, there's no report of high rate failures(that puts the brand in cause) in the latest chipset for intel lga 1155.
    The msi since it's a h77 motherboard has ssd caching, it has also four dimm slots, the asus only two, the msi has one more sata III port(two sata III ports) with intel rst, which supports raid, the msi has a better onboard audio, overall much better.
    The bios of the msi is good.
  4. Don't get me wrong...I am not knocking MSI....I just purchased one of their Mobo's. They don't have a "high failure rate", they are within the norms of all the top brands...I just stated that it was higher than my experience with ASUS/ASrock/GigaByte.
  5. Top Tier brands are considered to be Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. This is what the manufacturers say about each other. Intel is dropping out of the motherboard market and Foxconn made their boards for them anyways. I have used more Gigabyte in my builds though the best price I found lately on a Z77 with the features I liked was the MSI GD65. I've stayed away from Asus since I had a bad experiences with their RMA dept multiple times. The B75 chipset is for business it has some better feartures but those are limited. The H77 chipset is for the home user it should have more features since its geared for a wide variety of uses (e.g Gaming, surfing, video editing...), The Z77 is for the hardcore gamer and enthusiast it has the most features and the highest price tag. So if the prices are close I'd get the board with the better chipset and features. B75 is better then the H61, H77 is better then the B75, Z77 is better then the h77... So I'd get the H77 model in this case.
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