AMD Trinity specs, release dates and any rumours

could you give me a link to the amd trinity apu specs. also when is the release date for the first trinity apus. post any rumours about amd trinity here also.
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  1. Probably May 15th.,2817,2402625,00.asp

    Probably about a 25% CPU performance increase over Llano and up to 50% graphic core performance as well, but that using 3D Mark Vantage synthetic benchmarks. Actual gaming performance will be less than that since synthetic benchmarks are not generally accurate when compared to real benchmarks. My guess, probably at most a 33% real increase in graphic core performance.
  2. Please tell me if you know,these Trinity APU's, will be compatible with socket FM1? I've read alot on google,but i am kind of confused. Some article say "yes" and some say "no".Thank you.
  3. Trinity will be socket FM2.

    Socket FM1 was already considered "dead" when Llano was released.
  4. A socket change but no chipset upgrade? That's kind of a low blow.
  5. agreed. I'm hoping that the a-10 is a decent gaming chip. The fx lineup doesn't have any decent micro mobos, and im holding out for trinity for a micro atx build. the mobile variant has impressive performance, so im hoping that trinity will be more than enough.
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