System slow to boot/does not wake up from sleep mode

Hi guys, I built this computer last summer. It was a high end build, 2500k running at 4.4ghz, gtx 580, intel 320 ssd, asrock p67 extreme4, seasonic x650, gskills ram, 1tb wd black for storage.

What happened was, unknowningly I had some static electricity on me and I touched my computer case by accident ( the computer was in sleep mode)and I heard the zap pop noise just like when you get shocked and my computer woke itself up and started windows. From that day, whenever I put my computer into sleep mode, and I try to start it again, the computer lights and stuff would all turn on and I hear the noises from the computer but there is nothing showing on the screen. The LCD monitor light shows yellow meaning there is no power to the GPU or the system is not turned on. To fix that, I would press the reset button and that would wake up my computer right away and windows would display immediately.

Not only just problem with waking from sleeping mode, but also when I try to turn on the computer after I powered it off from the night before. The computer would start like what I mentioned before, the lights and noises, then there is nothing on the screen. Again the LCD monitor light is yellow meaning no power to the gpu/system. After 5-7 seconds or so, the monitor lights up and shows the system booting. I figured it wouldn't be a gpu problem because as soon as monitor light turns green, I see the boot screen. If it was not enough power to gpu, by the time I see things on the screen it would be already in the windows. So, that could only mean something wrong with the mobo, something is delaying the powering up and preventing waking up from sleep mode.

I tried clearing cmos and reset bios settings manually, nothing worked. I read something about storing charge on the capacitors or something like that and I should manually hold the power button to shut computer down several times to release the charge stored on the capacitors. I am not sure what to do exactly right now as the computer still play fines and does everything it used to do. Prime95 test still shows good results like before cpu max temp at 64C, ssd bench still shows it's working at max speed, gpuz shows regular temp for gtx580 during gaming...

So I don't know what is causing this problem? Is it because I short something on the motherboard during the static event ? I am pretty sure it is related to the static electricity shock because the problems started to appear right after that. Please help and thanks a lot for any advice.
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  1. Ownnn yeah.

    You got to do a ram reset.
  2. how do you do a ram reset?
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