Rad ?'s with HAF X

Im looking at building a new pc but this is a moot point,

question is Will a Phobya Xtreme 200mm Radiator or a 400mm of the same brand fit and work well on the top of this case? possible for a push pull set up? I would really like to go with the 400mm Rad for easyer install and less tubing to work with, but if i have to I could Link 2 of the 200mm rads together. I want to keep it in the case and Im all about how the inside looks. (kind of a on going trying to out do eachother with friends)

I know the case supports 2x 200mm fans on the top, but if you look at the pictures it looks like there slightly separated by it seems like 1/2 inch to 1 inch gap.

Or am I better off going with a x2 or x3 140mm Rad for the same position?
I live in Missouri and my computer will be on the 2nd floor. even with the AC on its still about 20 plus degs hotter then the rest of the house. Im planning on Overclocking my CPU and GPU to get the best possible performance.

as far as the rest of the Cooling Kit is concerned Im thinking of going with duel drive bay res from KOOLANCE and getting and using all there parts except for the rad. But if I cannot do my OG planned set up i will try to go with the koolance x2 140mm or if it would fit the x3 140mm rads.

THanks in advance.

Cpl Graebner USMC
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  1. no one knows?
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    I have a HafX and it is really an air cooling rig, the space at the top is limited to the normal depth of a coolermaster Megaflow fan and not much more.
    The bottom is very tight on space as the hard drive cage goes down to the floor and that's where the power supply is mounted.

    If your going watercooling I would recommend a different case completely.
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