*BEST* GTX 560 Ti?

I decided on getting a GTX 560 Ti for 1440x900 since my goal isn't to be able to Max out BF3 on ultra (I've heard bad things about the game so I'm not going to waste my money).

I'm from Canada so I'm looking for the best performing GTX 560 Ti for the price.. one that I could perhaps overclock to close to GTX 570 specs.

I'm looking at the 560 Ti Twin Frozr II for $239 CAD here:


Are there other ones I should check out? My budget is between $200-300 but I'd feel silly paying close to $300 when I've seen the 570 as low as $319 CAD.

ALSO, will I notice a huge difference going to this from the Radeon 4890?


EDIT: Damn, just saw about the GTX 560 Ti upgrades that will offer 570-like performance.


Should I wait then?
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  1. Hmmm.... There will be a good improvements from the HD4890. But since your budget is so close to the GTX570, would it be a problem if you went for it?
  2. hello . . . . . Bro . . . I think you should get that gtx570 because you are too close with it and if you want gtx 560 ti then the twinfrozrii is best choice for you
  3. Quote:
    upgrade the monitor with just as much enthusiasm as you are the gfx card.
    you need 1080 for real, 14:9 is MEH at best...

    I plan on picking up a 1080p monitor on Boxing Day (Dec. 26th Black Friday equivalent).
  4. the ASUS gtx 560 ti direct CU OC in your best choice .. it come pre-overclocked to 900mhz and it has the best cooling and its cheaper !!
  5. Quote:
    MSI TwinFrozr II and III have the best cooling.... :non:

    Just kind of worried about picking up a GTX 560 Ti now when an upgrade was just announce... hmm.. :sweat:
  6. Quote:
    spread the love around...
    just wait on the card and upgrade other surrounding hardware until the card you want is released..
    what's the rest of the system specs.?

    Here's my specs:

    Antec 900 Gamer case
    Phenom II X4 denab clocked @ 3.7 Ghz
    Corsair H50 CPU cooler
    ASUS M4A78T-E
    4 GB DDR3
    500 GB HD / 60 GB OCZ Vertex 2
    2X 1440x900 19" LCDs
  7. Quote:
    spread the love around...
    just wait on the card and upgrade other surrounding hardware until the card you want is released..
    what's the rest of the system specs.?

    Here's my specs:

    Antec 900 Gamer case
    Phenom II X4 denab clocked @ 3.7 Ghz
    Corsair H50 CPU cooler
    ASUS M4A78T-E
    4 GB DDR3
    500 GB HD / 60 GB OCZ Vertex 2
    2 1440x900 19" LCDs
  8. The 560TI is not the only upgrade coming 'round the bend. We have the 7000 series coming out 'before Christmas' (granted after the delays of the bulldozer release we begin to wonder if they mean this Christmas or next Christmas), and then the nVidia 600 series coming out this winter/spring. After that things may quiet down a little for the summer.

    It is times like this that we need to remember that things will always improve, and will always drop in price (except for those damn F4 HDDs I was about to buy before everything went underwater!). Build with the expectation that your computer will be 'outdated' within 6mo. Build with a purpose in mind, so that it will do what you want it to do over the next 3 years. The real questions should be:
    1) What am I going to use the hardware for (Now, and in 3-5 years)
    2) Will it perform as expected for the things I will use it for
    3) Are the things I really need it for out yet?
    4) Will the next gen hardware provide a significant (20% or more in my book) increase in performance for a similar price point? (ie, you will not notice 1-5 fps difference in performance from a product refresh, but you will miss 10-20 fps from a new product line)

    In regard to the last question, the next gen hardware may be worth waiting for as they are new architectures from both AMD and nVidia, which tend to give a larger performance boost than a simple product line refresh. Plus the new cards from both houses will be less power hungry, which means (generally) more overclock-ability, or less heat/noise in the case.
    Granted, to take real advantage of the new cards you will need a new platform with PCIe3, But I am sure the first cards out will not saturate the PCIe2 interface anyways, especially in the mid-range cards you are looking at (the 580 only takes ~60% of the PCIe2 bandwidth, so even with a 25% increase in performance the 680 would only take ~75% of PCIe2 16x, which is fine for a single card config, and in reality the increase will likely be smaller than this). But you can buy a PCIe3 card when it comes out soon, use it in PCIe2 with a minimal performance hit (if any), and then SLI/xFire it later when you can afford a new platform with PCIe3.

    All that said; The 560IT and 570 are great cards, and I doubt that you would regret either purchase. I almost bought one myself (the 570 as it has mercury playback engine support) before I decided to wait for IB to come out, later to find that the 600 series would be out by then anyways. But then again, I'm the type of frugal bastard that waits for all the game expansions to come out before starting a game, so I wont be playing the new blockbuster games for about a year anyways, if you want to play the new games when they come out then I suppose my strategy wont work so well :)
  9. Waiting for something is a good idea. But for now i think you're too close to GTX570. And since you are planning to upgrade the monitor soon then GTX570 is a good option. Also if you want to change it later on... Ebay is always there to sell the GTX570! :)
  10. Thanks for all the replies so far- you guys have been great.

    I'm definitely leaning towards the GTX 570 though I'm hoping we'll see a small price drop within the next month or two. Also, I want this to be a decent upgrade from the 4890.
  11. It wont be decent difference... It would be a considerable difference. Even though the GTX560 gets an upgrade, it would still be not be close to the GTX570.

    The only reason we say to stretch your budget a little is coz you are so close to the 319 CAD!
  12. Quote:
    GTX 570 is the sweet spot right now and especially in BF3.
    the price difference compared to the GTX 580 for just a few frames is not worth it.
    yes the GTX 580 rocks and I want one but I will be more than happy with the GTX 570.
    and the GTX 570 in SLi is killer..

    I say go for the GTX 570 or wait until the GTX 6-series is released and hold on.
    I however have the itch to upgrade regardless of what's coming.

    I would say upgrade and don't look back. The only thing is GTX 570 Vs 560Ti. Price wise they are 1/3 apart (Europe prices, comparing same manufacturer's pricing). Performance wise extra 20% at best. IMO it's just not worth it. Especially since you will probably want to upgrade Spring 2012 to new architecture. I have GTX 560 Ti from ASUS and I am more than delighted with it. Would not swap it for GTX 570 even if the difference was €50, first because of heat, second because of power consumption.
  13. Oh and nearly forgot, SLI is great for productivity but too many issues in games. Better go with something single card like GTX 580 amped up.
  14. I just sold a cedar acoustic guitar for $250 so I'm going to be using that to help with my video card purchase.

    I'm really leaning towards the 570 now specifically because it will be more future proof and I could SLI it down the road. With it at 1440x900, I would also be able to max out BF3 on ULTRA easily.

    So now that I'm pretty much sold on the GTX 570, do I need to twin frozr 2? What is a cheaper alternative because here it costs $369? Are the EVGA cards fine?
  15. I found this deal here:


    It was between that EVGA SuperClock card, the Gigabyte, and the Twin Frozr II, and I found the TF2 for cheaper, so I should go with it. Thanks everybody!

    EDIT: I noticed that the link I posted is the TF2... but I might as well just shell out a little more and get the TF3.
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  17. The Asus 560 Ti is factory overclocked to 900Mhz and easily OC's to 1000MHz +. It's $25 more than the Gigabyte one that I have no experience with OC'ing past factory specs.

    In SLI, they hit 862 fps compared tot her 570's 873 fps..... Even factory overclocked, they still have more OC headroom than the 570 does.

    I can't see spending $200 more for two 570's for a speed increase of 11 fps.
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